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Elected to continue serving as Judge on the 19th Judicial Circuit

Judge Stride has over 10 years experience on the bench in Lake County

  • Appointed as an associate judge August 22, 2005, Judge Stride has served in the traffic/misdemeanor division, heard felony cases and is currently presiding over Lake County’s Specialty Mental Health, Drug, and Veterans Treatment and Assistance Courts.
  • Supreme Court appointment as Circuit judge effective January 26, 2016.
  • Elected to Circuit judge in November 2018.
  • Former prosecutor with the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office and a lifelong resident of Lake County.
  • Married, Julie, three children.
  • Years of Judicial Experience -12
  • Years as Felony Trial Judge -10
  • Years as Drug Court Judge – 7
  • Years as Mental Health Court Judge -5
  • Years as Special Problem-Solving Court Judge -3

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Your Guide to Judging Judges

The Illinois Bar Association polls all members in the circuit of district from which a candidate seeks election of retention.  All Judicial candidates are either recommended (R) or not recommended (NR) and are evaluated in eight essential judicial performance areas:...
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Why We Are Campaigning

A shared message from Judge Christy Bishop and Judge Chris Stride of the 19th Judicial Circuit. It's hard to believe that we're less than 6 months away from the November election. In March of 2017, as legally required of judges appointed by the state supreme court to...
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Judge Stride Scores Among The Best

The 2018 Judicial Ratings have been released by the Illinois Bar Association, and I am proud to be among the highest rated by my peers.  These rankings are determined by lawyers who are members of the Bar Association.
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